Here's How to Get Your Share of the Lucrative Digital “Gold Rush” in Mobile Apps By Selling A Done-For-You App To Bar & Pub Owners...

Professional-Quality Software Guides You Through the EASY
4-Step Process to Build and Publish Your Very Own App!

Then… sit back and let the money pour in!

Are you a LOCAL MARKETER or OFFLINE CONSULTANT - or would you like to become one?

Are you a MOBILE APP BUILDER – or would you like to become one?

There’s a LOT of money to be made in apps. Perhaps you already know that.

Perhaps you know that, for just a little bit of your time spent putting an app together with our dynamic app builder, Zapped Apps – you can charge local businesses anywhere from… 

$500 to $3,000 Per APP!

It’s true!

That’s the “going rate” for apps today.

And the number of businesses who are realizing that they NEED a good app is also growing.

Specially in the BAR and PUB Business!

Each and every one of these businesses is STARVING for new business in today’s sluggish economy.

Now YOU can show up to save the day!

For a small investment on their part (and a tiny investment of your time and money), you can provide them with a mobile smartphone app that will bring them the business they so desperately need!

That’s why they’re willing to pay BIG BUCKS for the right kind of app.

And that’s what you’ll be able to build for them – with Zapped Apps!

It’s the app builder that
builds your app FOR you
– in a ZAP!


We’ve refined the app-building process down to FOUR simple steps…


You’ll be thrilled with all the templates we offer! Choose from the most stylish to the most arcane. We have something for everyone!


We walk you through all the steps. It’s a total no-brainer.


Just choose the device you want to install your app on (iPhone, iPad, Android, or Kindle)… click on a few buttons… and voila!


That’s all there is to it. You’ll publish in the iTunes store – automatically – or else keep it proprietary if its for a client.

And that’s the lucrative part…

Unless you’re already an Internet Marketer with products of your own (and if you are, this is still a great app-builder)… you can make a FORTUNE just by building apps for others.

There are so many businesses that are discovering the power of apps – yet no one in the “general public” knows the first thing about how to build one!

They don’t know – so YOU can make a good living just by using Zapped Apps to build custom apps for your clients!

And best of all, YOU don’t have to be a “computer software developer” or anything like that.

It helps if you know your way around a computer. But even that’s not “essential” for using Zapped Apps.

As long as you know and understand modern communication technology… the online world… and how it all interfaces with today’s smartphones…


And what a lucrative, handsomely profitable business it can be!

With Zapped Apps, you can do in seconds what used to take weeks for software developers when they had to build apps “the old-fashioned way”…

But now, due to the revolutionary software behind Zapped Apps, you don’t even need “technical” expertise and you can…

Build instant Amazon stores
Sell on iTunes stores
Upload YouTube Videos
Sell through Facebook
Promote on Twitter
Market through Pinterest
Control Instagram Feeds
Add Podcasts
Build Affiliate Marketing Apps
Promote Viral Apps
Use Push Button Notification Technology
Set Up Appointment Forms

Plus over 100+ other features – each at the click of a button!

Seriously. The technology behind Zapped Apps is designed so that YOU don’t have to sweat the software!

It’s SO FAST, you’ll be able to create an app in minutes!

Plus it does everything you WANT an app to have… automatically! (We’ve thought of everything.)

Take a look…

Add an RSS feed for quick tabs and content.
Monetize your app by putting ads in it, and charging money!
Monitor the installs and usage with our Easy Analytics
Easily create an Image Gallery
Use in-app HTML – and anything is possible!
Sell items inside the app – whatever your client wants to sell!
Push Notifications alert your users – automatically!
A Shopping Cart is standard – and even hooked up to PayPal…!
QR Codes can be created and scanned – for added efficiency!
GPS and Directions to your client’s location – just use the interactive map!
Share your client’s Videos inside your app, too!
Even play your client’s Podcasts…

The functions inside Zapped Apps will simply amaze you – AND your clients!

They’ll realize that there’s nothing you can’t do for them!

And that’s when the BIG bucks start rolling in. One client tells another, who tells another, and pretty soon you’re getting more referral business than you know what to do with!

You don’t even have to spend a dime on marketing or advertising once the referrals and word-of-mouth start kicking in.

And with Zapped Apps on your side, no one has to know that you’re not slaving away, writing endless code like in the Long Long Ago.

No. They’ll just be thrilled to have a usable, reliable APP for their business – especially when they see all the NEW CUSTOMERS that come in from the app you’ve built them!

You’ll be the hero.

And you’ll be able to make money off nearly every business in your town!

Any business that’s currently online – or should be – is a potential client for you.

All you have to do is get started by creating some Zapped Apps for yourself and friends, and get the word out that you create KILLER apps!

Pretty soon, you’ll have more business than you know what to do with.

And at $500 - $3,000 per app (depending on how complex they are, or what the market will bear) – you can soon be earning a SIX-FIGURE INCOME just working a few hours a day, putting apps together through Zapped Apps!

We can’t guarantee what your income figures will be, of course. No one can. That’s up to you and God.

But we can say that this is how all the major “fortunes” have been made in the past – by small entrepreneurs who knew a good thing when they saw it, and seized the opportunity.

The question is, will YOU seize this opportunity – or let someone else get it?

Whoever gets to the local businesses FIRST with this amazing app solution will be THE WINNER.

Don’t you want that to be YOU?

If so, click the button below and get started with Zapped Apps today!

Files & Documents You Need To Get Started In Getting A Bar Client
Or A Pub Client!
WHAT'S INCLUDED: Our official Zapped Apps Welcome Letter, Work Agreement, Invoice Template, Client Invoice Sample, Basic Business Checklist, Business Goals Worksheet, Client Call Notes, Expense Checklist, Intake Form, Lead Spreadsheet, and more...

One more thing. It’s important…

When you look back over the last 10-20 years, you see that everybody sooner or later wanted a ‘website’ – and paid through the nose for one.

Nowadays, everyone wants an APP.

And they’re willing to PAY.

The question is, are you willing to COLLECT?

This could be your payday.

Don’t pass it up!






How long is this special offer available?

Our very special discounted prices are only available while this page is here. During these launch days, the price may go up. This introductory offer will come down anytime without warning!


Can I buy now and use Zapped Apps for my clients?

Yes. You can create an app for a client. This is ONLY available with the Gold or Platinum accounts.


Do I get updates free or do we have to pay extra?

We release new updates and features regularly. Your purchase today guarantees you that you never pay an extra dime for these updates.


Do you charge any royalties on apps we create?

Not all all. Your purchase allows you full control of your apps. We have no branding, no restrictions.


Do we need anything extra to use Zapped Apps?

To create an app, you only need our app builder included in your purchase. To test your apps, you should have an iPhone OR Android phone. To submit apps to the Google's Play Store, it costs $25 and for Apple's App Store its $99. You pay this to them directly for a full year access. We have no control over this fee. We suggest starting with Google's Play Store if you are on a tight budget.